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Keynote / Motivational Speaker

Renea is available for advance bookings for the following:

* Motivational Speaker

* Keynote Speaker

* Moderator for various events, news segments, media, and more. 


The Art of Public Speaking

Renea offers personalized coaching in a private setting to help clients improve their public speaking abilities. This one-on-one approach allows her to accurately evaluate the client's needs and provide tailored guidance to help them succeed. 


Customizable Workshops

Renea offers individual and group workshops for the following:

* The Art of Public Speaking

* Six Important Leadership Styles and Traits

* Dismantling Toxic Work Environments

* Networking on the Next Level

* Building Well-Rounded Teams

* Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace

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Unlock your organization's potential with Renea's guidance.  Renea provides unique insights and perspectives that can assist your organization in tackling complex issues related to leadership, decision-making, and instructions on methods to save your team, customers, and stakeholders effectively. By creating strategies and initiatives that have long-lasting impact on your organization, you can benefit from Renea's expertise and experience. 

Want to work with Renea...Please fill out the form and Renea's team will connect with you in regard to your request. 

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